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Major and Minor Services

*Free Maintenance Check

Welcome to Cape Town Fitment Centre!

Cape Town Fitment Centre is a car Repair Centre with 18 years of experience. Our business are running for 3 months already, but we officially opened on the 1st of September 2015

At Cape Town Fitment Centre we are proud of our service facilities and the high quality work it enables us to provide to our customers. From simple maintenance to seemingly impossible jobs.


Why should you choose us?

  • We are the safest bet for your car's needs.

  • We offer a free maintenance check to all customers on any vehicle.

  • We will perform a complete safety inspection on all vehicles including Brakes, Shock absorbers, and Exhaust system.

  • We will only perform services that needs to be performed after the maintenance check.

  • We provide a free Estimate before any work is done.

  • We currently have a Major and Minor service promotion on Groupon that ends in 2016. Click Here to view it.


We specialise in the following:

  • Clutch overhauls

  • CV joints

  • Gearbox overhaul

  • Wheel bearings

  • Engine overhauls

  • Free 20 point checks

  • Suspension

  • Minor services

  • Exhaust

  • Major services

  • Shocks

  • Drop offs

  • Brakes

  • Pickups


We Specialise in the following...


CV Joint


Wheel Bearing

As well as...

  • Exhaust
  • Shocks
  • Major Services


Free 20 point checks on all cars (including a Free Shock Test)


Crazy Service Deal!!!

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For a free quote contact Lynn or Ashley Page



021 823 6685





186 Bree Street,

Cape Town

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